Additional Resources

  • On this page you will find links to additional resources. Some are FREE, some are not.

The Kid Should See This site is Mr. Borbonus' favorite! Look for "How Crayons are Made" and "Kangaroo Rat Ninja."

Common Sense Media is a wonderful parent resource that presents information about all types of media. This link takes you to their frequently updated list of free online events and activities.

Brightly is a well designed website with tons of book lists and articles about reading. On their site, search for "brightly storytime" to find links to entertaining read aloud videos.

Audible is offering free access for 30 days. The audiobook version of the first Harry Potter is available for free!

Epic! is offering free access to 40,000 books for 30 days when you sign up.

This page on B&N's site offers free ebooks for kids that are read by the characters. You can even record your own voice and then play the ebook!

On Storyline Online famous actors and actresses read stories with video animation. Some are a little outdated, but they are still terrific videos!

Pre-K Pages is aimed at PreK and Preschool teachers - but there are lots of good ideas for parents of little ones too!

You guessed it! Pete the Cat. This site is great for PreK and Kindergarten.

Jim Trelease is a retired reading expert. His site is filled with great reasons to read out loud along with some interesting author bios.